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Ispoyntel | St. Ives | Cornwall

‘Ispoyntel’ [Cornish word for minimal] – St Ives | Cornwall

This project fascinated us from the outset – the brief was to ‘Design a 3 bedroom contemporary, ‘minimalist’ house for a minimal budget’.

Ispoyntel is a low energy 3 bedroom house on a secluded and confined site in St Ives with only one distant vista over the harbour and out to Sea. The house layout was designed around the principle of making this view available from the living area which dictated the layout and resulting plan. The site constraints dictated that this house should be small and low.  We and the Client dictated it should be crisp, modern and minimal. It is a great success showing that considered modern design can be interesting, challenging [yet sympathetic] and affordable.

Client: n/a
Builder: Level Construction
Contract Value: circa £160,000.00